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GTP Services-Never Lose Control
Leading Innovators in Construction Workflows

GTP Services is a leading innovator in the construction industry by providing cutting-edge software and services. We help facilitate and bridge the gap within the construction workflow to help leverage your company's BIM efforts. Our tools will help raise your company's project bids, and provide the ability to track the status of all items through the lifecycle of a project and communicate to the field directly though the model. GTP Services helps connect your business with technology that will elevate your company to the next level of overall construction workflows.

GTP Services prides itself by continuing to create solutions for your ever-growing and changing MEP requirements. Our resources and capabilities truly enable us to be your one-stop MEP solution provider.

  • Partnership with Sokkia|Topcon
  • Autodesk Channel Partner, with specializations in Building, and Advanced MEP
  • GTP Services' software and development
  • Online, on-site, and in-house training classes
  • Technical support and service for all our products

Many of the leading MEP contractors trust GTP Services to provide innovative and reliable products and unparalleled online, on-site and in-house support and training.

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  • “The amount of time that the GTP team took to get WMI connected with the software that best meets our needs has been second to none. We were sold on how hard you guys were and still are working toward aiding us in building smart content for our Fabrication libraries.”

    Wagner-Meinert, LLC
    • Troy Floor
    • CAD Group Leader / Project Designer
    • Wagner-Meinert, LLC
  • “Thank you so much for taking the time to show me what you guys have been working on over at GTP. I must say, I’m blown away at what you’ve put together so far – and in such a short development timeframe. It all seems like relevant, practical and useful content for us guys that are on the front line of BIM design on the electrical side.”

    Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.
    • Greg Cummins
    • BIM Coordinator
    • Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.
  • "I had the privilege of attending GTP's three-day Revit training in April of 2016 in beautiful Larkspur, Colorado. To start with, I found it very helpful that Todd and Matt held virtual meetings with us weeks before the training to help tailor the course to our specific needs. We are an Electrical Contractor- until we spoke with Todd and Matt, I had never encountered a course that dealt specifically with the use of Revit from the Electrical Contractor's perspective for coordination, installation and prefabrication. This includes two trips to Autodesk University and various other one-day courses in the last few years GTP's course was perfect for what we do and has allowed me to begin working productively in Revit with almost no real prior experience (I've used Autocad MEP for five years, never Revit), Matt, who taught the course, is clearly highly skilled in Revit yet was still able to come down to my level and assist me with the most basic aspects of the program. I learned how to set up a model and avoid common pitfalls, developed a fundamental understanding of families and parameters that I can build on, and learned how to begin detailing conduit and equipment, which is what I have to do all day in my position. I also learned how to use links and how to work with worksets. In summary, I found the course extremely helpful. The proof to me is that I was able to start using what I learned over those three days immediately upon my arrival back at my office. GTP is a great resource for our company and we appreciate the many great minds at work there. Thanks again GTP!"

    Dynalectric San Diego
    • Dominic Mammina
    • BIM Detailer
    • Dynalectric San Diego
  • “GTP has identified the pain points of an Electrical Contractor and worked to develop solutions that have immediate impact. After years of BIM and Electrical solutions lacking integration, we count on GTP to lead the way in development and implementation of software/hardware that produces measureable results.”

    Valley Electrical Consolidated, Inc.
    • Adam S. Davis
    • Client Services Group
    • Valley Electrical Consolidated, Inc.
  • “Todd & GTP Team, I would like to thank you and your Revit Specialists you have on staff for recently helping us through some of the issues we have had making a fully adjustable Zurn Water Closet Carrier Family for Revit. With what your team was able to do with not only the content creation but with adding minimum and maximum constraints to the family to ensure the correct elevations are adhered to will make using this carrier in a fabrication assembly a very simple task.”

    Shapiro and Duncan
    • Chris Canter
    • VDC Manager
    • Shapiro & Duncan
  • "Get The Point has changed the way we approach projects. In the past, we have always been very reactive to the other trades. Get The Point enables us to transfer our Building Information Model to the field with the utmost confidence, minimizing our dependency on other trades and maximizing our prefabrication capabilitites."

    Ray Martin Company
    • Chad Raymer
    • PE, LEED AP Project Manager
    • Ray Martin Company
  • “Thank you for all your effort with the training sessions. I know I will be able to use what you taught us moving forward with Thompson Electric. I appreciate the time you spent with me explaining on hosting to level rather than the linked models. It was good to see the different perspective on how others work with Revit. I am eager to develop families hosted that way and to discover what others have found on the links that you provided.”

    Thompson Electric Company
    • Vicky Martin
    • Revit/CAD Designer
    • Thompson Electric Company
  • “We really appreciate everything you have done for us, our industry needs a forward thinking company such as yours.”

    Thompson Electric Company
    • Kevin Lytle
    • Vice President
    • Thompson Electric Company

What Sets Us Apart?

Contractor-Focused Solutions

GTP Services' robotic total station solution allows contractors to bring BIM to the field and use it to their advantage. By integrating Sokkia|Topcon's robotic total stations, with state-of-the-art Autodesk software, combined with the exceptional on-site and online training by our skilled staff, GTP Services truly is your single source for all your construction and MEP needs.

Premier Innovators

Following the creation of Autodesk Point Layout, GTP Services continues to provide cutting-edge and revolutionary products that dramatically improve field accuracy and productivity by removing error-prone manual layout techniques. Layout now becomes a one-person operation with the ability to shoot hundreds of points a day. The result is faster construction, which helps you complete your projects on time and on budget.

Best of Brands Partnerships

GTP Services has developed a strategic and targeted partnership with the authorities in the construction industry. We call our industry partners the "Best of Brands". By collaborating with the industry leaders in their respective markets, we are better equipped to provide innovative solutions to the overall construction workflow.

Our Leadership Team

Career Opportunities

Careers at GTP

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at GTP Services. We are currently looking for qualified individuals to fill the following positions.

Technical Consultant/Support Technician

Larkspur, Colorado

General Summary:
To proficiently understand, train, consult, and support customers on the core functionalities of GTP Services product offers.

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East Coast Sales Executive

Eastern United States

General Summary:
Achieves maximum sales profitability, growth and account penetration within an assigned territory and/or market segment by effectively selling the company’s products and services. Personally contacts and secures new business accounts.

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