Engineering Revit Plug-in for Point Load Calculations
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HangerWorks Automated Placement and Design for MEP Hangers

DEWALT HangerWorks plug-in for Autodesk Revit is a tool that automates the placement and design of manufacturer hangers and trapeze assemblies for MEP systems such as pipe, duct, conduit, and cable trays. Complex engineering calculations are built-in to the tool that enables it to size hanger and trapeze assemblies based on system material and content (water, wire, air) and determine hanger locations based on building code requirements and user-defined project standards. Contractors can expect to achieve significant BIM workflow efficiencies, cost savings, and safer buildings.

Automatic Hanger Placement
GTP DeWalt HangerWorks

Point Load Calculation
GTP DeWalt HangerWorks
  • Real-time load calculations as the model changes
  • Calculates loads based on system material and content
  • Adjusts point loads and stress differences between left and right components
  • Validates load on hanger components
  • * View Demo: Point Load Calculations

Automatic Seismic Bracing
GTP DeWalt HangerWorks
  • Automates engineering calculations that include acceleration, design category, risk and deflection
  • Calculations based on Building Code Requirements

Model Accuracy
GTP DeWalt HangerWorks
  • Provides manufacturer specified hanger component catalogs
  • Accurate dimensional information, engineering properties and cost information
  • Optimizes hanger component selection and size to support the weight
  • Enables users to discover clashes that would have previously been overlooked which improves the BIM workflow

Actionable Output
GTP DeWalt HangerWorks
  • Shop drawings / Prefab Sheets / Cut List report is auto-generated for prefabrication containing lists of all components and cut lengths which can be sent to the fabrication shop
  • Exportable hanger points from the model
  • Engineering Report with all point loads and full calculations
  • Hanger Labels
  • Bill of Materials for all hanger and bracing components simplifies ordering and planning of material deliveries
  • * View Demo: Actionable Output

Coordination Efficiency
  • Integrate hanger assembly placement during normal coordination meetings
  • Ability to move a hanger or system and see how it impacts point loads
  • Saves days not hours

Component Cost Comparisons
  • Provides the ability to compare cost by creating accurate Bill of Materials for various systems
  • Configure fields for individual cost content:
    • Components
    • Installation times
    • Shop and field labor rates
  • Performs true cost benefit analysis on design selections

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