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Enhanced Workflows For Electrical Contractors

WireWorks was specifically designed to enhance your electrical workflow process and works seamlessly within Autodesk's Revit software.

WireWorks operates within the parameter information in the following ways:

  • Ensures that information along all the conduit and conduit fittings is consistent.
  • Pushes parametric information to the conduit run schedule for easy run length scheduling. No more having to use the comments parameter.
  • Pushes parametric data into new and updated elements within the model. You'll no longer lose information in updated elements during the coordination process. Elements added to an existing run will have their parameters automatically populated.

Feeder Schedule Integration

  • Imports an existing feeder schedule into Revit to create a schematic layout of all your feeders and equipment. Utilizes existing parameters to recognize what equipment and feeder connections exist in the model without requiring the use of conduit connectors on equipment or pull boxes.
  • Tracks model progression, parallel feeds, changes to the feeder schedule, and exports conduit lengths back to the schedule for comparisons to estimating or engineering calculations.
  • Combines existing data enhancements with your feeder schedule workflows to ensure complete modeling of all equipment and feeders with accurate data quickly, easily, and automatically.

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